Aon International Wealth Update  
Q3 2022
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International Wealth Webinar Series – Global Round Up

29 November 2022
16:00 (GMT)
17:00 (CET)
11:00 (ET)
Our International Wealth team will share the latest insights and developments in local legislation from around the world. We will then reflect on the key insights from 2022 and priorities as we look forward to 2023. 
Global Defined Contribution (DC): Agenda for 2023
Three-quarters of employers around the world say that delivering better retirement outcomes and value for their employees is a key aim of their global defined contribution (DC) retirement programme. Read more on how you can set your DC agenda for 2023.
International View on Employee Benefits Accounting
The Q3 2022 edition of Aon's employee benefits accounting newsletter focuses on discount rates, inflation rates and asset performance, elements that influence a company’s pension and other defined benefit liabilities.
Global DC Retirement Income Point of View
Our latest report discusses the key building blocks and design principles that have a positive impact on individual outcomes.

Risk Settlement
Market Update – HY1 2022
Our risk settlement market summary covers activity in the bulk annuity and longevity swap markets in HY1 2022.

Global Pension Risk Survey: US Findings
The results of our latest pension risk survey includes many of the same trends as in prior years. However, the impact of the new laws passed in 2021 that reduced the level and volatility of contributions has forced many sponsors to choose a path of hibernation or termination leading to a clear difference in risk management strategies.

Latest Developments on Default Investment Option for Korea DC Retirement Plans
This update provides an overview of the actions that DC plan sponsors will need to take in order to comply with the Employee Retirement Benefit Security Act.

Aon Global Pension Risk Survey 2021/22 – Japan Results
This report summarises the results of our survey which looked at the different approaches that companies have taken towards managing pension risk in defined benefit plans in Japan.

China’s First Ever Private Pension Scheme – What You Need to Know
This briefing provides details on the announcement by China’s State Council of a new private pension scheme which seeks to address shortcomings in the current pension system as the country’s population aging accelerates and the national pension fund comes under increasing pressure.

Financial Wellness Report 2022
Analysing the financial well-being of employees in Mexico and what effects it has on companies and on people's lives. 
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