21 April 2022
2:00 p.m. BST
(1 Hour)
UK Wealth Solutions
Smaller Bulk Annuity Transfers: How to stand out from the crowd
With a record number of schemes indicating that buyout is the preferred endgame solution for the first time, what does this mean for market capacity, and will it limit opportunities for smaller (sub-£100m) schemes?

To address this, we are delighted to welcome experts from Eversheds Sutherland, JUST and Pension Insurance Corporation, who will join Aon Risk Settlement specialists to share insights and best practice tips from a legal and insurer perspective.

The key focus of the discussions will centre on what sub-£100m schemes can do to differentiate themselves, ensuring that they are best placed to attract insurer attention.
Key considerations include:

How smaller transactions fit in with insurers’ overall business models

How insurers assess which transactions to quote on

The contracting process and how this typically works for sub-£100m schemes
Please register to attend this free webinar. If you have a colleague who you think would like to attend, please feel free to share this invitation.
We very much hope that you can join us for this informative and topical discussion.

Kind regards

Joe Hathaway
Associate Partner
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