22 February 2023
2:00 pm GMT
Managing the Cost Of Living Crisis for DC Members
We are delighted to invite you to join our latest webinar addressing the impact that the high inflationary environment is having on DC schemes and the subsequent implications that the increasing cost of living is having on DC pension scheme members.

There have already been regulatory and industry responses to this crisis. The Pensions Regulator recently issued new guidance on how trustees can better support DC savers amid the current economic challenges and the PLSA has released a revision to the Retirement Living Standards to ensure that the standards remain relevant to help members answer the difficult question of “how much is enough?” in terms of a retirement saving target.

But what are the actual real time impacts to DC members and what are schemes and sponsoring employers doing to help?

To get a better understanding of this, we are running a series of pulse surveys that track member behaviour and the ways that schemes are managing member support. The first issue of our survey received over 130 responses, and during this webinar we will be sharing the key insights including:
Members reducing or ceasing their pension contributions

Increases in requests to withdraw funds from DC pots – and at earlier ages than we have seen previously

The positive responses from both schemes and sponsoring employers to help support employees through these difficult times
Our Investment experts will also discuss the impacts that the 2022 falls in investment markets and increased inflation have had on the savings of DC members as well as looking forward for practical investment actions that Trustees can take.
Please register to attend this free webinar. If you have a colleague who you think would like to attend, please feel free to share this invitation.
We very much hope that you can join us for this informative and topical discussion.

Kind regards

Ben Roe
Senior Partner and Head of DC Consulting