Cyber Resilience
14:30, 18 October 2022  
Social Engineering, Phishing and Malware

14:30, 24 October 2022
Secure Connections, Account Security and Internet of Things
In these unprecedented times cyber security is more important than ever. For anyone with responsibility for a pension scheme the risks are even greater as it is not just your own security at risk but that of pension scheme members.

We are delighted to be again working with Cyber Griffin, (a cyber initiative run by the City of London Police), to offer a series of two, briefings, to explain can defend yourself against the most common cyber attacks. These sessions, which each last an hour, are aimed to help you protect yourself. These practices can easily be transferred to professional life, helping you reduce the risk of your pension scheme falling victim to a breach of cyber security. These sessions are similar in content to the ones we ran with Cyber Griffin in July 2021, but covering will cover the latest phishing email and ransomware trends.

The first webinar looks at social engineering, phishing and malware and is designed to educate people on the different attack vectors and to show them how they can spot phishing attempts and secure their social media accounts.

The second webinar deals with secure connections, account security and the Internet of Things and will cover topics such as VPNs, password managers and the importance of securing your devices.

Both sessions are non-technical so are suitable for everyone, and the training is NCSC Accredited

If you would like to attend one or both of these sessions, please register through the link at the top of this email

Kind regards

Jason Wilson | Senior Consultant